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Way back when, in 2015, while snowboarding in Colorado and overlooking a beautiful mountain scape, Vidi VR’s future co-founder Brian Herrera tried to capture his experience with his phone camera. No matter what he tried, he simple could not capture the full depth of the experience to share it with his friends and family.

We he came off the mountain, his mind was racing on how to solve this problem. He had been working with 3D cameras and distributed camera networks at Draper Labs in Boston, and began dreaming up how to apply his knowledge base to build something radical.

2 years after that first idea, and now building and growing our team in Berkeley California, we are still working to enhance the way people capture and share their experiences. We’re getting there, too.

We created a mobile virtual reality platform built to experience 3D content from our camera, and connect with people around the world through sharing their unique perspective. The app is free, and we don’t charge fees. Our camera is affordable and easy enough to use so that anyone can be a creator.

Sometimes, all it takes to change things is to start asking questions.

We hope that no matter what brought you here, whether you’re a someone who just likes to use Instagram with friends for fun, an underground rapper trying share a behind the scenes perspective of your life(true story), or a round-the-country-traveler in need of capturing moments to never be forgotten(also true story), you know that we see you. We see the possibilities of a better future and we're bringing it to life. And we’re working to change it for all of us.

What is Vidi VR?


Brian Herrera

Co-Founder & CEO

University of Arizona

Stan Sedberry

Co-Founder & CMO

San Diego State University

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