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Capture Moments in

Share them with your friends in VR.

Look is all about sharing and reliving the best moments in life. Capture experiences with our easy to use 3D camera and share them with your friends on Look to make them feel like they're there with you.

Launching soon. 🚀 Find out when.

Life is what you look at.

How It Works

Capture the moment in 3D. 📸

Our easy to use 3D camera can be controlled by your phone, or with the simple touch of the capture button. 

Share experiences on Look. 📲

Upload an experience and it will appear at the top of the global content feed. Every time your experience is viewed, you receive 'looks' and every time someone likes what your shared, you receive 'goodlooks'.

Explore Look for new experiences. 🔮

Every day, there will be new experiences for you to look at shared by people from all walks of life. People who share their experiences on Look are on the forefront of immersive social media, pushing the boundaries of digital creativity.

Go Virtual 👓

When you select an experience, you will be taken into an immersive VR scene where the content will appear. Place your phone in your VR viewer, and just look. 👀 You don't need a remote control to navigate the scene, our smart user interface detects what you want to do based on where you are looking.

Questions? 😊